New York Breeder Forced to Surrender Dogs Left Out in Subzero Weather

Written by: Phil Monahan

As the mercury dipped to -20 degrees, the dogs were provided nothing more than plastic barrels for shelter.
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When dog lovers realized that a backyard breeder in Upstate New York was leaving dozens of dogs outside in dangerously cold weather, they called the police. But when the state cops showed up and inspected the property, they claimed that nothing illegal was occurring. Luckily for the dogs, advocates did not give up.

Lawyers from the Lexus Project—a legal defense organization to protect all breeds of dogs—filed lawsuits against both the breeders and the police involved in the case. Once he had been hauled into court, Herbert Weich agreed to permanently surrender his older male dogs to the Montgomery County SPCA and to bring all of the puppies indoors.

Neighbors witnessed two dogs who had died from the cold being carted off.
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This is a long, fascinating story, which is well worth your time in that it explores the laws governing such animal abuse and shows how a few dedicated individuals can force the wheels of justice to start turning and save dogs.

Click here for the full story.

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