Orvis Dog of the Day: Livia the Resilient Rat Terrier

Written by: Stacy Pobatschnig

Livia is doing very well after her surgery.
Photo by Stacy Pobatschnig

[Editor’s note: Some of you may remember our former Dog of the Day, Livia, who belongs to Stacy Pobatschnig, a former Orvis associate. Here’s Livia again, after going through some tough times. As you can see, she’s on the road to happiness.]

It amazes me how resilient animals are. Livia had to lose an eye a few weeks back, after a corneal ulcer started melting her cornea, which led to surgery, intense treatment, and unfortunately a corneal rupture. I can’t imagine the pain that she was in, as at times she wasn’t even able to stand on her own.

But Livia’s story has a happy ending. She got the surgical stitches out yesterday, and she’s the happiest I’ve seen her since before her corneal ulcer developed. I can’t even tell she’s blind on one side. It’s just awesome how animals can bounce back as long as they have the right care, love, and treatment.

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