Photos: Beautiful Images of a Fox-and-Hound Friendship

Written by: Phil Monahan

Tinni and Sniffer play together every day.
Photo by Torgeir Berge via

We love interspecies friendships here on the Orvis Dogs blog, and here’s one that come with gorgeous images shot by Norwegian photographer Torgeir Berge. Berge and his dog, Tinni, live out in the country, so Tinni can run and play as he likes. One day, he met a fox, whom Berge named Sniffer, and the two have become regular playmates. Berge says:

The dog Tinni and the fox Sniffer met in a Norwegian forest and they are a perfect example that differences can be erased by real friendship. But are they so unlike as what first meets the eye?

He plans to release a book about the pair next year, using it as a vehicle to point out the evils of the fur industry.

Click here for the full story and more photos.

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