Photos: Correspondence a Mother of Many Service dogs

Written by: Phil Monahan

Ryla is ready for a rest with her favorite chicken.
All photos by Bill Krumbien

[Editor’s Note: Here’s a great email that Orvis PR Coordinator Daryl Kenny received from a dog at Canine Companions for Independence.]

Dear Ms. Kenny:

As you can see, I’m way past my breeding years with Canine Companions for Independence. Fourteen of my puppies graduated to become service dogs, and one of my puppies was chosen to be a breeder.

In November I will be turning 11. I’m slowing down a bit, and as you can see, my new Orvis Delux Deep Dish bed is well appreciated.



PR Coordinator Daryl Kenny decided that, with a birthday coming up, Ryla should have a gift. She selected a Plush Squeaky Rooster as an appropriate companion for Ryla as well as her beloved stuffed chicken. Here’s her thank you note:

Like all moms, Ryla has a good sense of humor.

Besides being photogenic and gracious, Ryla is also the mother of a dynasty of service dogs.  One of her daughters was selected as a breeder for Canine Companions for Independence, as was one of her granddaughters.

Thanks to Ryla and her People Partners, Bill and Beth Krumbien, for their service, and for making us smile!

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