Photos: Family Reunited with Dog Feared Killed in a Tornado

Written by: Phil Monahan

Oreo and his family are delighted to be reunited after the tragedy in Vilonia, Arkansas.
Photo via

When a tornado ripped through Vilonia, Arkansas, on Sunday, it flattened the home of Pastor Wade Lentz and his family. And to make things worse, they could not find their beloved dog, Oreo, and feared the worst. But on Tuesday, when the family finally got to check out the remains of their home, Oreo emerged from the rubble, his tail wagging.

Lentz said he thinks Oreo got sucked up in the twister and somehow landed safely in a spot from where it was able to make its way back.

“He used that dog instinct to get home,” he said.

In desperate times, these kind of reunions can be food for the soul, to help people make it through hardships. We’re so glad Oreo and the Lentz family can rebuild together.

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