The Amazing Story of Shrek, Who Was Transformed After Being Abandoned in the Woods

Written by: Phil Monahan

It’s impossible to believe that Shrek could have survived much longer in this condition.
Photo via

This is an amazing story told in photos. A dog left abandoned in the woods of Ontario, Canada, was so disheveled that the man who found him on a farm thought the dog was “an old carpet or a dead coyote in the field near the bush.” He was brought back to the  Park Road Veterinary Clinic, where workers removed an astonishing 3.5 pounds of matted hair and extracted a burr from the dog’s eye.

It was clear that Shrek had lived most of his life in a cage, so his rescuers figured there was a bad breeder nearby. Sure enough, three days later,  a tip-off led to the rescue of 12 more dogs being kept in poor conditions in a nearby puppy mill.

Click here for the full story and the amazing photos of Shrek’s transformation.

Shrek is now among people who will love and care for him.
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5 thoughts on “The Amazing Story of Shrek, Who Was Transformed After Being Abandoned in the Woods

  1. Baba

    As a mobile groomer in a ‘major’ metropolitan city, I thought I’d seen some bad, unbelievable matting. This one takes the CAKE!! SO glad he – and the others – were found and saved from this abuse!!!

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  3. Sandy

    Someone, please start the process of making puppy mills illegal, everywhere, and forever put them out of business.

  4. margarita

    Exactamente ami me sucedio lo mismo,recoji un perrito igual que este perrito y cuando le quitaron el pelo quedo igual que shrek,bello mi RUFO,asi le puse

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