Video: Jimmy Stewart’s Poem About His Dog Brings Johnny Carson to Tears

Written by: Phil Monahan

Here’s a classic video of Jimmy Stewart reading a poem about his dog on the “Tonight Show” in 1981. The poem starts off funny, but by the end, both Stewart and Johnny Carson have tears in their eyes. It’s a beautiful thing.

Click here to learn more about Beau the dog.

I couldn’t find a photo of Beau, but here’s a young Stewart with an earlier pet.
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3 thoughts on “Video: Jimmy Stewart’s Poem About His Dog Brings Johnny Carson to Tears

  1. Lisa Cavazos

    I would like to say I can relate to how he feels…I’m an animal lover myself and its hard when you lose that special dog in your life…even though they are all special but with different personalities…this made me remember and cry all at the same time..god bless Beau….

  2. Colleen Bean

    I had a dog named Duke, he was my very best friend! He was half pit bull and half boxer, he was the most loving and friendly dog I have ever known! The love I could see in his beautiful brown eyes, was more love than I see in some of my own family members. I loved you then and I still love you Duke! I miss you so very much my Dukers!!

  3. SeRiOuSLy!!

    not ashamed to admit that by the end i was in tears. it made me think of my boys, brothers, who passed of old age, first Tippy then about two years later Gizmo. i had them since birth and they got me through really hard times and i miss them so much. i have three now Buddy a rescue from a hoarder, Munch and Crunch, brothers too and a story of fate i think my other boys played a part in. well now that i rattled on…


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