Video: Orvis Presents a Celebration of Dogs!

Written by: Kathleen Moore

A while back, we asked our customers and Orvis Associates for video footage of YOUR dogs being their lovable, silly, adorable selves. We want to to thank you for your wonderful entries – we think you’ll enjoy the result! Be sure to watch with sound, and to the very end.

We also want to congratulate Brennan C. and her dog Tugger for winning a FleeceLockā„¢ Futon Dog Bed for their video “Who Loves a Rainy Day? Tugger Tails Does!”

Thank you to ALL who entered. We can say one thing for sure – all our dogs are silly, special friends.

19 thoughts on “Video: Orvis Presents a Celebration of Dogs!

  1. Amy

    Thank you for such a nice video. Congratulations to Tugger on his win…I just love that boy <3 Good choice your store too!!

  2. pam apt

    Thank you for the beautiful walk down memory lane……………Denver reminds me of some wonderful days spent with our two laboradors. We lost them (to old age) at the same time last Feb.; and we mourn them both every day.

  3. Susan

    Watching dogs at play ranks as one of life’s great joys … Along with lying on the floor and letting puppies play all over you.
    20 minutes with 5 golden retrievers in a dog park is more fun than any wedding or birthday or new year’s celebration.

  4. Allen Roth

    Thanks so much for the BLOODHOUND! I’ve been a Bloodhound man for years, and it’s so rare to see one of my guys in your publications (or any pet publications, for that matter). The same old same old–Retrievers, Setters, Pointers, Spaniels…..and hardly ever a Bloodhound on one of your dog beds, or crates, or behind a gate. And our guys work so hard finding lost children.

    Thanks so much.
    Allen Roth


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