Video: Rescued Deaf Pit Bull from North Carolina Finds a New Home with Deaf Woman in New York

Written by: Phil Monahan

Here’s a wonderful story about a dog saved from horrible neglect, chained in a backyard in North Carolina, who has found a forever home with a family that seems tailor-made for her. The poor pit bull’s previous owner hadn’t even bothered to give her a name because she is deaf. But her new owner, Jessica Czamara, is also deaf, which gives her an insight into her new companion:

“To get her attention, I have to pat her or wave to her,” Czamara said. “The same thing with deaf people you have to touch them on the shoulder or wave in their vision. And she’s funny and how she plays.”

“She’s just such a sweet dog. She gives lots of kisses,” Czamara said. “She’s a great addition to our family.”

Not only does the dog have a new loving family, but she finally has a name, as well: Maggie.

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Maggie is now with an owner who appreciates her loving nature and sense of humor.
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