Video: Woman Spends 48 Hours in a Kennel with a Pit Bull Who Needs a Home

Written by: Phil Monahan

WDRB 41 Louisville News

Tyson’s Chance Animal Shelter in Louisville, Kentucky, takes in many of the dogs that other shelters can’t adopt out. To call attention to the need for more adoption, volunteer Paula Sparrow spent 48 hours in a kennel with Boss Man, a Pit Bull mix who has lived half his life at the shelter. “There are thousands of dogs just like Boss Man who are needing a home, but the shelters are full. They’re clamoring for attention,” says Sparrow. “He’s also a pit mix, so he gets passed by a lot.”

Sure, it’s a stunt. But anything that brings the plight of these dogs to public attention is worth the effort. The folks at Tyson’s Chance are really going all-out to find Boss a new home by lowering the adoption fee, offering a free training seesion, and more. Let’s hope he finds a forever home soon.

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Paula Sparrow and Boss Man are temporary kennelmates.
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