2012 Orvis Cover-Dog Photo Contest Honorable Mentions, Part I

Written by: Phil Monahan

A three-year-old Maltopoo, Boschie brought in $5,005 for the Morris Animal Foundation’s
fight against canine cancer in the first 2012 Orvis Cover Dog Contest.

photo by Barbara, New York, NY

The first 2012 Orvis Cover Dog Photo Contest ended last month. The winning photos will appear on catalog covers throughout the year, but there are also a bunch of honorable mentions. You may recall that each vote for one of the photos in the contest translated to a $1 donation to the Morris Animal Foundation’s research into canine-cancer. The photo above, of a Maltopoo (Maltese + poodle) named Boschie, raised $5,005! Below are the second- and third-highest amounts raised by contest entries, and you’ll see that older dogs really came through.

Hudson Hargrave, a 4-year-old yellow Lab, raised $3,780. Here, he takes a drink order
from his lounging friend, Susan, during a Midatlantic snowstorm.

photo by Nancy, Thurmond, MD

Emma, a yellow Lab who has achieved the ripe old age of 15 years old, raised $3,750.

photo by Kathy, Colchester, VT

The other category for honorable mentions is for the number of unique voters. Ti, the Remarkable Weim received votes from 53 different people. Way to go!

Thanks to everyone who contributed to making this contest a huge success, and remember that the second 2012 contest is already underway. Enter a photo of your dog, go vote for some favorites, or do both.

From his 53 voters, 12-year-old Ti raised $3,340 to fight canine cancer.

photo by Phyllis, Cincinnati, OH

With 34 votes, 10-year-old German shepherd Baron raise $846.

photo by Paul, Charlottesville, VA

Two “bully boxheads” (bull mastiff + American bulldog), 3-year-old Eli and 6-month-old
Peyton, received 18 votes and raised $1,335.

photo by Ruth, New York, NY

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