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Photo: A Rainbow with Exotic Tastes

Written by: Wayne Thurber, Dos Amigos Anglers

This rainbow enjoys a dangerous diet. Can you believe it still ate a damselfly?
Photo by Wayne Thurber

On a recent fly-fishing trip, our client Doug caught this interesting rainbow. When I netted the fish, he reached into the mouth of the trout to remove the blue damselfly pattern. The first attempt. . .


Photos of the Day: Salmonflies and Trout in the Black Canyon of the Gunnison

Written by: Phil Monahan

Michael Atwood with his best brown trout of the trip.
All photos courtesy Michael Atwood

Michael Atwood and his dad hiked down into the Black Canyon of the Gunnison a couple weeks ago to fish the famed salmonfly hatch. As these pictures reveal, they had a pretty. . .


Story: Mis-Stepping on the Corporate Ladder

Written by: Jon Tobey

This fish might come up on Jon’s next annual review. . .and not in a good way.
Photo by Jon Tobey

My boss’s Outlook calendar looks like a poorly played game of Tetris, but I finally managed to sneak in a meeting for 3:30 on a Thursday afternoon: “Strategy and Tactics, Oncorhynchus. . .


Photo Essay: Losing My Marbles in Slovenia

Written by: Phil Monahan

My largest marble trout of the trip, caught in the Soča Canyon, put up a great fight.
Photos by Sandy Hays

The email from my friend in Slovenia, Matt Calderaro, had a pretty humdrum subject line: “to bring.” But when I opened the email, I had to read it a couple times before I fully. . .


Photo of the Day: Rainbow Tail-Whip!

Written by: Spencer Higa, Falcon’s Ledge

Perfect timing makes for a unique shot of a Utah rainbow.
Photo by Spencer Higa

I took this photo while guiding last week at Falcon’s Ledge. My client was fighting this fish so I knelt down close to the water and snapped a few frames. It’s proof that you can actually. . .


Photos: A Guide’s Month on the Mo

Written by: Dave Brown, Dave Brown Outfitters

The Baetis hatch on the Missouri means you can target feeding fish with small parachute patterns.
Photos by Dave Brown

For the last four years, I have bid farewell to the bass lakes of southern Arizona and headed north to Montana, where I spend a little over a month Fishing and doing some limited guiding on the. . .


Photos: A Father-Son Fishing Adventure in Manitoba

Written by: Stu Thompson

I’d be all smiles, too, if I’d landed a fat brownie like that!
Photo by Kevin Thompson

My son, Kevin, and I got out one long weekend in May for our yearly father-and son-fishing trip. We went up to Duck Mountain Provincial Park and had some really good fishing, even though. . .


Photo: Glorious Persian Rainbow

Written by: Phil Monahan

That’s a healthy rainbow trout from a country not known for its fly-fishing culture.
Photo courtesy Naser Derakhshan

At the end of last summer, we posted about fly fishing in the mountains of Iran (see Part I and Part II). This morning, our new Persian friend, Naser Derakhshan of Fly Fishing Club Shahrekord, . . .