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Classic Tips: How to Gear-Up for a Wilderness Fishing Trip

Written by: Bob Terwilliger, Winterhawk Outfitters

Packing the right gear can be they key to success for a wilderness trip.
Photos courtesy Winterhawk Outfitters

When you’re heading out on a wilderness fly-fishing trip, it’s vital that you bring along the right gear. There are no fly shops or convenience stores in the backcountry, so you need to be. . .


5 Tips for Preparing Your Lines and Reels for a New Season

Written by: Tim Linehan, Linehan Outfitting Co.

Spend a few minutes giving your reel and line a tune-up. . .or you might live to regret it.
Photo by Tim Linehan

Recently, I was going through gear in preparation for my first guide trip of the season. As I started pulling line off a reel, I immediately noticed two things. First, the line was filthy and instead of. . .


Our New Waders Represent an Amazing Breakthough in Waterproof Technology!

Written by: Phil Monahan

Fly-fishing guide Peter Skidmore field-tests the new Orvis Tweed waders on Montana’s Missouri River.
Photo by Brian Grossenbacher

Announcing a breakthrough in breathable, waterproof materials. . .from an unlikely source. Although modern science has produced some amazing technologies to protect us from the. . .


Photos: The Development of the New Hydros SL Fly Reel

Written by: Phil Monahan

From the old Hydros reel (far left), the concept went through many stages before the final version (right).
Photos by Phil Monahan

In the early days of this blog, we posted a series of photographs and a description of the process that led to the creation of the award-winning Mirage fly reels. (See Evolution of the Mirage. . .