Pictures of the Day: Early-Season Utah Browns

Written by: Phil Monahan

Falcon's Ledge Brown 1

Show us those pearly whites!

photo courtesy Falcon’s Ledge

Got an email with these two pictures attached from Jason Danley at Falcon’s Ledge:

The springtime fishing here in Utah has been spectacular this year. The ice came off the still waters a little early, and the fishing has been unbelievable for large trout that only seem to show up in early spring and late fall. We followed a couple Falcon’s Ledge members this weekend as they went in search of some trophy rainbows, tigers, and browns. I think you will agree they found what they were looking for. The browns pictured here are some of the most beautiful males we have ever seen—and mean, really mean! Check out the teeth on the first brown, the largest teeth I have ever seen on a trout: these guys are true predators. The large spots and red and yellow hues are unbelievable.

Falcon's Ledge Brown 2

Gorgeous colors are the hallmark of early- and late-season trout.

photo courtesy Falcon’s Ledge

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