Photos of the Day: Helios 2 Winner in Action

Written by: Phil Monahan

Litus Helios 2 Fish

Here’s Ryan’s first fish with his one-of-a-kind Helios 2. Note the hand lettering
on the rod, which says “1st Run 1 of 1.”

photo by Ryan Litus

When we sent a new Helios 2 to Ryan Litus, one of the winners of our Helios 2 Sweepstakes last month, I asked if he’d send us a picture of his first fish with the rod. Over the weekend, he sent these snaps of a couple of Wyoming cutthroats, along with this note:

Sorry it took so long to get them to you, but the snow has been really good here lately! Here are two cutties I took on two really ugly streamers. Thanks again for everything; the rod is incredible.

Maybe we’ll get to see more fish once skiing season is over.

Litus Helios 2 Fish

OMG, he put his brand new rod in the water.

photo by Ryan Litus

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