Classic Video: A Stunning, 14-pound New Zealand Brown Trout

Written by: Phil Monahan

Sometimes, when you’re poking around on YouTube, you discover gems you never knew existed. (Of course, in the process of creating the Friday Film Festival every week, I may spend more time poking around than most.) Here’s a video from 2010 of a New Zealand angler named Russell Frost laying into a truly monstrous brown trout. A sign of the trout’s hugeness is its reaction to being hooked: it kind of seems indifferent, as if nothing could possibly be wrong. After what looks to be a grueling, if somewhat unspectacular fight, Frost lands the trout. And when you see it in the net, don’t be taking a sip of your morning coffee. otherwise, you may have to spend a few minutes cleaning up the effects of your spit-take.

And just because. . .below is another Frost brothers production, which features even a few tiny trout—something you rarely see from Kiwi land. You’ll dig their thick accents, especially when they say things like “nymph” and “algae.”

Russell Frost

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