Introducing “Ask a Casting Instructor”

Written by: Eric Rickstad

Peter Kutzer casting

Peter Kutzer strutting his stuff on the Orvis casting ponds.

Our Tuesday Tips on casting have been so popular that we’ve decided to add a new feature to “Ask a Casting Instructor”! If you’re having a problem with casting in general, casting in specific angling situations, or progressing to the next level of distance or accuracy, post a question in the comments here.

We’ll choose one question a week to be answered by instructor Peter Kutzer, who has worked at the Orvis Manchester Fly-Fishing School since 2002. A native of southern Vermont, Peter has been a fisherman all his life, and he has a degree in outdoor education from Johnson State College. He’s also a seriously good caster, and during his years working for Orvis he has seen it all.

So let us help you become a better caster. Ask away!

Peter Kutzer with a nice striper.

Peter with a nice Rhode Island striper.

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4 thoughts on “Introducing “Ask a Casting Instructor”

  1. Lance Campbell

    Why do small knots sometimes form just above my DRY fly but not with heavier wet flies? I know something us technically wrong in my cast. I am self taught so that’s probably 90% of it but this seems to occur more when I get fatigued.

  2. David Drez

    Slack line presentations are somewhat difficult for me to grasp based on various definitions I have found from FFF to various web sites. I am studying for the CCI exam. Please help me with the definition and explanation of the following terms—–
    Slack line presentations? Is there one with a mend and one without a mend?
    What is the definition of a mend.?
    Can slack line presentations be divided into aerial mends and on the water mends?
    What are examples of aerial mends and on the water mends?
    How would you define a wiggle cast or tuck cast since it is not an aerial mend?
    Appecaite your help.

  3. Dario

    Hi, I am right hand dominant and left eye dominant.
    I realized that I cast much more better with left hand at top using the double hand rod. Do you think that I can learn to cast using the left hand also with a single hand rod?


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