Video: Hard-Core Fly Fishing for Murray Cod

Written by: Phil Monahan

Hard Core Fly fishing from Nicholas Kneipp on Vimeo.

Here’s a video that’s about as far from yesterday’s Snowdonia adventure as you can get. These guys are casting size 5/0 topwaters for big Murray cod in Australia, using a Hank-Pattersonesque “slap it!” presentation. Apparently, you really need to get the fly right on the bank underneath overhanging bushes.

And when these fish decide to strike, there’s no messing around: they hammer the fly, and then a seriously arm-wrestling session begins. When you watch the rods bend during the fight, keep in mind that those are 10-weights. If I can be assured that there are no crocs or poisonous snakes, I’m in.

Murray cod

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