Photos of the Day: Working for Winter Brown Trout

Written by: Phil Monahan

PJ's Wild Winter Browns

A little such color can brighten up a monochromatic winter day.

photo courtesy P.J. Filipowicz

Blog reader P.J. Filipowicz (who is also editor of sent in these pictures, along with a short note that explains a lot about why we love fly fishing so much and about how cabin fever can make a man go to extraordinary lengths to feed his addiction to “the tug”:

Last week, I drove, dropped down into a canyon, climbed giant boulders, jumped over deep crevasses, rappelled walls, fell several times, lost a glove, broke my glasses, nearly snapped my fly rod, and then drove all the way back . . . Just for couple of these gorgeous little wild brown trout from a Pennsylvania creek so small you’d swear nothing could live in it.

“Was it worth it?” you might ask.

I’ll be back the second I get a chance.

P.J. seems to specialize in these kinds of winter gems, as he sent us a photo of a different little beauty last year.

PJ's Wild Winter Browns

Was it worth all the effort? Of course it was..

photo courtesy P.J. Filipowicz

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