Announcing the Orvis Carp Photo Contest. You Could Win a Killer Helios 2 Outfit!

Written by: Phil Monahan

Orvis rod designer Shawn Combs took “Biggest Fish” honors in last weekend’s Carp Throwdown.
Photo by Rob Tibbett

Summer is fast approaching, and around here, we’re calling it “The Summer of Carp.” In case you haven’t noticed, many of the Orvis Rod & Tackle folks have gone a bit crazy for the golden bones in recent years, so we’ve decided to embrace their passion. As we posted a couple of weeks ago, we are supporting a variety of carp tournaments around the country, and today we’re announcing an eight-week carp-photo contest that anyone can enter.

As a way to keep this fun and to allow as many folks as possible to enter, each week will be a different contest, with a different theme:

Week 1: Biggest Fish
Week 2: Smallest Fish
Week 3: Ugliest Fish
Week 4: Video Week
Week 5: Funniest Photo
Week 6: Craziest Location
Week 7: Prettiest Fish
Week 8: Best In Show

The winners of each weekly contest (based on the number of votes each photo gets) will receive cool stuff, such as fly selections, hats, stickers, and copies of Kirk Deeter’s new book, The Orvis Guide to Fly Fishing for Carp. The Grand Prize “Best in Show” winner, chosen from among the weekly winner, will receive a Helios 2 Outfit!

To submit a photo or to vote, visit our Carp Central page and click on the “Photo Contest” link.┬áMake sure to enter AND vote for your favorites. (You can come back and vote every day.) Share with your friends to get them to vote.

Click here to upload a photo.

Click here to vote.


4 thoughts on “Announcing the Orvis Carp Photo Contest. You Could Win a Killer Helios 2 Outfit!

  1. John Vetterli

    How about a category for largest carp on a tenkara rod?

    Yes, it can be done, we do it all the time.

    Tenkara Guides LLC

  2. Tony Pignatelli

    Really love the fact that common carp are making their way into the mainstream. Maybe now people will show them some respect!!! In a lot of waters, they are the biggest, hardest fighting fish available, how could you not take advantage of that!


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