Photos of the Day: Bulls on Parade

Written by: Phil Monahan

Capt. Lucas Bissett with an 18-pound bull red caught in the Biloxi Marsh area of Louisiana. On a cold morning in December, this fish was using a deep bayou as passage because of its warmer water temps.

photo courtesy Lucas Bissett

Capt. Lucas Bissett sent me these four great photos of redfish he and his clients have caught recently. Having just caught the first reds of my life last October, I’m raring to go after one of these bulls.

Louisiana doesn’t have big fish only in the winter time. Here is Captain Bissett with a 20-pound redfish he caught out of a school of 200 plus fish off the beaches of Grand Isle, in late August.

photo courtesy Lucas Bissett

Ryan with a 26-pound bruiser he sight-cast to while it was cruising a shoreline looking for a snack. One well placed mullet pattern, and it was all over but the strip set.

photo courtesy Lucas Bissett

Andrew caught this 30-pound slob on an unusually warm January day.

photo courtesy Lucas Bissett

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