Photos of the Day: The Return of the Natives

Written by: Tim Barry

VT Brookies Return

Evidence that the native brook trout are returning to streams devastated by 500-year flooding.

photo by Tim Barry

Prior to Sandy arriving in New England for what now seems like an annual festival of dramatic weather, I headed up to the Green Mountain National Forest for an overnight with my dog, Summit. I hit a favorite spot that features tumbling waters that are now so very affected by 2011′s Tropical Storm Irene and the wash-out that she brought. Last June, I had stopped by Orvis to get some advice on what I could expect. I was told that anything that flowed west of the mountain was a disaster and that all fish had been swept away.

Try as I might, I could not elicit any hits in June. However, on this autumn trip, there was new hope. They say size doesn’t matter. In this instance, I have to agree. What this brookie lacks in size, he more than makes up for with ambition. I had a good many more hits, but this little guy was the only one that could manage a size 14. Let’s hope the recovery continues and that it’s a long time before the next big flood.

VT Brookies Return

This mountain stream used to run through the drainage tube on the left, but the torrent created by
Tropical Storm Irene changed the streambed and washed away most of the trout.

photo by Tim Barry

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