Photo of the Day: Going Dutch for Big Pike

Written by: Phil Monahan

That’s a gorgeous pike that surely put a good bend in Kelvin Leenheer’s 10-weight.
Photo courtesy Kelvin Leenheer

I got a Facebook message the other day from Dutch angler Kelvin Leenheer. He’s one of the hundreds of Facebook friends I have whom I’ve never actually met, and it’s cool to have killer images like this just appear on my screen out of nowhere. Here’s the message that came with the photo:

Dear Phil, this monster pike I caught yesterday afternoon with my Orvis Access 9-foot 10-weight. I’ve now fished for two months with this rod, and it’s as if the Access #10-weight is made for this fishery!

I’ll bet that fish towed the float tube around a bit. And if I knew there were such toothy beasts in the water, I’d think twice about letting my feet dangle underwater.

4 thoughts on “Photo of the Day: Going Dutch for Big Pike

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