Photo: Get Your Carp On. . .Your Head

Written by: Phil Monahan

Which one fits your lifestyle?
Photo by Phil Monahan

Orvis product designers Tim Daughton (left) and Shawn Combs came by sporting their new carp lids. The one on the left will be available on in a couple of weeks, while the more garish version covering Shawn’s dome is the brainchild of Orvis Cleveland Fishing Manager Jim Lampros, who can be seen rocking a chartreuse version on his blog, Dudewater, where you can also order your own, PLUS a sweet matching beer koozie.

5 thoughts on “Photo: Get Your Carp On. . .Your Head

  1. Arthur Strauss

    Cool hats – the yellow/orange will be great for the carp. They’ll see you a mile away!

  2. Brett

    I like the one on the left but I would not wear the orange one if you gave it away for free, unless it was attached to a new fly rod.


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