Photo of the Day: British Columbia Steel

Written by: Pierrot Bernier

That is a seriously healthy, wild steelhead from a northern BC river.
Photo courtesy Pierrot Bernier

[Editor’s note: It’s always nice to receive a good report from the field. Here’s one from Pierrot Bernier of Last Casts.]

I recently got my hands on a 9-foot 10-weight Helios 2 and was planning on using it for saltwater on a trip down south this winter. Unfortunately that was still months away, so I brought the rod with me on a stealhead fishing trip in Northern British Columbia, where I grew up fishing.

The rod performed great! I did not have a reel or line for it yet, so I borrowed my dad’s reel with a 9-weight Skagit head. I was able to cast all weights of sink tips and even fairly large flies with plenty of distance and even managed to land a couple beautiful fish, with the biggest being around 10 pounds. With the flex being in the tip, fighting the fish was a blast, but the rod was still stiff enough in the butt to land fish quickly without tiring them to much before release. I’m definitely going to keep bringing this stick on steelhead and salmon trips.

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