Photos from the Water: Florida Tarpon with Jeff and Steve

Written by: Phil Monahan

Steve Hemkens gets hold of a beautiful Florida tarpon this afternoon.
Photo by Jeff Swedberg

As I type, Director of Orvis Rod & Tackle Steve Hemkens and Men’s Ecommerce Merchant Jeff Swedberg are down in Florida, fishing for tarpon with Capt. David Mangum. Both Steve and Jeff just sent me iphone photos from the boat, and it looks like they’re doing pretty well, landing several in the 60- to 70-pound range.

Jeff revives a tarpon after a long fight.
Photo by Steve Hemkens

Capt. David Mangum revives one of Jeff’s fish while he celebrates.
Photo by Steve Hemkens

Some of you who have been around awhile might remember this wonderful PhotoShopped image of Jeff with his very first tarpon from a post a couple years ago.

“That tutu not only gave me great protection from the sun but also fished great! It allowed me the freedom to move and you can’t believe the boost you get from feeling the nice ocean breeze on your undercarriage.”–Jeff Swedberg.
Photo by Steve Hemkens; special effects by James Daley

One thought on “Photos from the Water: Florida Tarpon with Jeff and Steve

  1. Mike

    That’s a little different than the 6″ brookies I’ve been catching. Maybe I’ll try the skirt. Nice work guys, i’m jealous.


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