Photos of the Day: A Late Start in the Colorado High Country

Written by: Jon Hill

The rewards for all the hiking and bushwhacking are solitude and stunning trout
All photos courtesy Jon Hill

[Editor’s note: We’ve previously posted several times about Colorado angler and blogger Jon Hill‘s forays into the Colorado mountains in search of cutthroats. (See hereherehere, and here.) ]

The ice took a bit longer to melt off of the lakes in the Rockies this year. The first two times I went backpacking, I got more exercise than I did fish—still better than being in the office. So the third time, I was hoping, would be the charm. My friend Daniel and I took a two-day trip and fished a couple of lakes—one of which has no trail, so it was bushwhacking and bouldering—but the fish and the scenery always make it worth while.

2 thoughts on “Photos of the Day: A Late Start in the Colorado High Country

  1. Ralph Daviet

    Thank you for some great memories of the Rockies, we visited on top of Mt. Evans and spoke to many fishing the lakes including a wounded warrior from Iraq who was doing his best to show his small daughter the joys of fishing.
    Great Job!!


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