Photos of the Day: Father-Son Time at the Trout Pond

Written by: Jon Hill

He hasn’t caught one himself, but five-year-old Brennon loves trout.
All photos by Jon Hill

Spring has gotten off to a great start here in Colorado, unlike the situation for some of my friends and family on the East Coast, where winter doesn’t want to end. To take advantage of the nice weather, I took my five year old son, Brennon, to a lake across the street for some fishing. As with most five year olds, my son’s attention span is roughly three and a half minutes. To make things easier for the both of us, whenever I take him out on the water, I make sure that the day isn’t about me fishing, it’s about him having fun. On this day he packed his backpack with things he wanted to bring to the lakeā€”cars, superhero towel, construction paper, scissors and markers. I brought the fishing gear, pb&j, snacks, and water. We spent four hours having a ton of fun! He is getting great at casting his fishing rod with the fly/bobber setup, but he missed a handful of bites. Even though he has yet to actually catch a fish on his own, he loves to net the fish that I catch and had a blast when I handed him my H2 and he got to reel in the trout, as I netted them for him. When he wasn’t actually fishing, he was playing in the mud, sitting in the shade drawing, climbing on rocks, and playing with his cars. It was a great father and son day at the lake!

Ready for some serious trout action.

Brennon’s concentration is good for about 3.5 minutes at a stretch.

He loves to reel in dad’s catches.

Sometimes, you need to take a break to play in the mud.

Even at five, he’s a champion net man.

He looks proud of his dad.

When the fishing gets slow, it’s time for the drawing materials to come out.

5 thoughts on “Photos of the Day: Father-Son Time at the Trout Pond

  1. Capkirk

    Had three little boys of my own, sounds like a gread dad and son day. Those memorys will be with both of you for ever!! Best times of our lives.

  2. Brian

    Great post – I’ve got a five year girl that has enjoyed being out fishing a little – but enjoyed the rest of the day as much if not more.

  3. Jon Hill

    Thanks for the kind words! I’m glad that he enjoys being outside as much as I do. And he is also stuck on Frozen, along with the Legos movies! haha


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