Photos of the Day: Girl’s Got Game

Written by: Phil Monahan

The smile, the glasses, the hat. . .Virginia has got it all together, and the bluegills agreed.
Photo by Dan Davala

Proud papa Dan Davala, fishing manager of Orvis Arlington (VA), sent in these great photos of his daughter, along with a note:

Another Orvis Travel zealot in the making. Virginia (4 years old) got 3 assisted today, then 2 all by herself – cast, hook set, landing, and release! Good stuff!

The largemouth bass fell for her fly, as well.
Photo by Dan Davala

Look for these specialized wading shoes in next spring’s catalog.
Photo by Dan Davala

Even at her tender age, Virginia recognizes the importance of putting them back.
Photo by Dan Davala

3 thoughts on “Photos of the Day: Girl’s Got Game

  1. Albert

    Wow, so precious. She looks so proud! Can’t wait til my son is old enough for his first fishing trip.


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