Photos of the Day: Trophies West and East

Written by: Phil Monahan

They’re not the biggest steelhead, but California “half-pounders” put up a great fight.
Photos courtesy Shawn Combs

Orvis product developer Shawn Combs was on a business trip to Northern California last week, where got the chance to test some new Clearwater Spey rods and fly lines while rocking one of the new Targhee Lightweight Down Jackets from the Trout Bum Collection. Three days later, back on the East Coast, he brought this sweet New York brown trout to the net..

Fall is a great time to strip big streamers for New York brown.

One thought on “Photos of the Day: Trophies West and East

  1. Dan Gracia

    Perfect time of the year to be there! I presume Shawn was fishing the Klamath River for “half-pounders”?

    Those half-pounders are 1-salt, immature steelhead that hang around the mouth of the river for a year instead of heading out to deep. They make a run back up the river in the fall. Since they are not mature, they aren’t spawning, and most of them are actively feeding. Aggressive and hot fish! Fun, Fun, Fun!

    The bigger fish come back in January and the weather is not nearly as nice.


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