Video: Fly Fishing Solo in Wyoming and Montana

Written by: Phil Monahan

SOLO from FISH365 MEDIA on Vimeo.

Brian Donaghy posted his new video to my Facebook page just before I fled in the face of Hurricane Sandy yesterday afternoon. The story behind the video is almost as cool as the footage itself:

When a friend contacts you and asks if you mind driving her truck from Wyoming back to Maine, it’s a simple answer. Yes, under one condition: if you don’t mind that I will fish my brains out from Yellowstone National Park to Missoula for ten days first before I hit the road back to Maine!Some things in life are best done alone. . .sleeping on picnic tables, showering in truck stops, dodging the forest fires of 2012, and fishing from dawn until dusk in some of the best trout water in the Lower 48 is one of those things!

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