Video: How to Tie the Spent Partridge Caddis

Written by: Phil Monahan

If you do a Google search for “spent partridge caddis,” you’ll find that many different patterns—most with full or trimmed hackle—go by this name. This version, tied by author and blogger Matt Grobert, is a no-hackle pattern that features a thorax of bushy hare’s ear dubbing where others put the hackle. The result is a low-riding, subtle imitation.

As usual, this great video from Tightline Productions includes a few tricks of the trade that will improve your tying. The way Grobert attaches the Zelon underwing and “touch dubs” the hare’s ear are particularly ingenious.

        Spent Partridge Caddis
            Hook: Standard dry-fly hook (e.g. TMC 100), sizes 14-16.
            Thread: Olive, 6/0.
            Abdomen: Ginger Hare Tron Dubbin.
            Underwing: Caddis-amber Straight Zelon.
            Wing: Hungarian partridge feathers.
            Thorax: Hare’s ear dubbing.
            Head: Tying thread.
            Tools: Dubbing wax.

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