4 thoughts on “Video: Reel Girl in Slovenia

  1. Perk Perkins

    fly fishing just got more appealing. She’s a fine caster! Did you notice (by the fins) that most of those trout are stocked? Wasn’t aware that Slovenia’s famed trout fishing was sometimes the result of stocking.

  2. Brian

    Rainbows are stocked in Slovenia to protect the native Marble Trout which spawn at the same time as Brown Trout. Less and less Brown Trout, less chance of hybrid Marble/Brown.

  3. Rok Lustrik

    Dear fly fishermen. ..
    great video…
    in Slovenia rainbow spawns on most rivers but there are some stocked. Plenty diversity in terms of river type, specie or oregion…
    if you just know where to go…at least 37 different rivers to choose from…
    Tight lines.


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