Video Tuesday Tip: Mastering the Figure-8 for Musky

Written by: Phil Monahan

We’ve all heard of the classic Figure-8 technique for getting a musky or pike to commit to eating the fly right at the boat. But do you really know how to do it? In this video, Kip Vieth of Wildwood Float Trips explains why and how to tempt the fish right in front of you. You might be surprised by how long he continues to keep the fly in the water.

Kip Vieth owns Wildwood Float Trips, in Monticello, Minnesota. Check out his excellent “10 Tips for Catching a Musky on a Fly.”

4 thoughts on “Video Tuesday Tip: Mastering the Figure-8 for Musky

    1. Kip Vieth

      Yes Eric, the rod tip is in the water. We use very short leaders. Stay tuned, we’ll be putting together a short video on rigging for muskies.

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