Video: Using a Whip-Finish Tool to Cut Thread

Written by: Phil Monahan

I’ve been bugging Tim Flagler of Tightline Productions to make this video ever since I saw his super-cool method for cutting thread in one of his killer tying videos. If you’re a regular viewer of Tim’s videos, you know that he prizes simplicity and efficiency at the vise. This modification of a standard whip-finish tool is ingenious, and Tim walks you through the steps to make it happen in his usual clear step-by-step process.

2 thoughts on “Video: Using a Whip-Finish Tool to Cut Thread

  1. ron

    saw a tool like that about ten years ago and promptly went home and did it to my own. do it yourself and youll never regret it

  2. gordon

    The tightline productions videos are FANTASTIC for educating me as a new fly tier and fly fisherman on how to make patterns consistent and well, thank you for sharing them here.


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