Video: “Vermillion,” The Splendor of Fly Fishing Lees Ferry

Written by: Phil Monahan

Terry Gunn of Lees Ferry Anglers emailed me a link to this gorgeous video, which he says was months in the making. “Vermillion,” by Kitchen Sink Studios, offers stunning visuals of the Lees Ferry stretch of the Colorado in Glen Canyon. The production values are astonishing, offering spectacular views of the scenery, anglers, and the rainbow trout that live there.

4 thoughts on “Video: “Vermillion,” The Splendor of Fly Fishing Lees Ferry

  1. Brandon Barnard

    Thank you so much for the love. This film was truly a pleasure to make and our whole team had a blast! We would love to answer any questions that people might have regarding our trip or production.

  2. Diana Martinez

    So proud of Kitchen Sink Studios in their hard work in making this incredible film! HUGE thanks to Orvis for blogging it!


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