Video: You Have Never Seen Fly Fishing and Skiing Like This

Written by: Phil Monahan

When the Provo Brothers made “Steelhead and Spines” a couple years ago, they merged a vision of the sports of fly fishing and skiing/riding as they’d never been merged before. But Mark Raisler and Jared Edens, of Headhunters Fly Shop, thought that the Provos didn’t go far enough. Instead of fly fishing and then engaging in snow sports, why not do them at the same time? So when there’s a foot of fresh, they are psyched up to shred the gnar and catch some Missouri River trout.

One word of warning: the avalanche danger is real, as Raisler found out the hard way. As the boys at Tatrofish commented: “Maybe next time you guys should check the avy report before yayhoo-ing around like that. Not smart, not smart at all.”

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