Vote for Next Week’s Episode of the Fly Fishing Guide Podcast and Pick the Winner of the Orvis Access Rod!

Written by: Tom Rosenbauer
Thanks to all of you for your overwhelming response with podcast suggestions in our Access fly rod giveaway contest. There were many thoughtful and interesting ideas in there and I just thought I would comment on a few:

  • We have a “How to get into fly tying” podcast coming out this week. We had many suggestions for that one but we had already recorded it before we announced the contest
  • I hear you about the winter steelheading podcast. Will do. Many requests for this and we had one planned.
  • Ditto on winter tailwater fishing.
  • There were many requests for hard-hitting environmental podcasts. Although this is a topic of great interest to me, I’m not an expert on it, which is the reason why we have our Trout Unlimited podcasts (how do you like those by the way?)
  • Regarding the many requests for location-specific podcasts, I like to try to keep these more general because we have listeners all over the world. So although I would love to travel to your area to learn something about your specific conditions and develop some tips for your location, it’s not really fair to other listeners. One resource for location-specific tips is our Fishing Reports at These are written by on-site experts and every week they offer tips on fishing these specific waters.
  • A lot of you asked for a podcast on ettiquette. We’ve done one before and anyway I feel I’d be preaching to the choir on that one.
  • Some of the topics you asked for are subjects that I’m just not qualified to do a podcast on. James, my producer, and I are working on a solution to do phone interviews with other experts but at this point we’re not completely satisfied with the sound quality.
That being said, here are my finalists to win the Orvis Access fly rod. I chose these based on:
-Interest to a wide audience
-My ability to address the subject
-A topic that we have not specifically adressed before.
Let the voting begin!

2 thoughts on “Vote for Next Week’s Episode of the Fly Fishing Guide Podcast and Pick the Winner of the Orvis Access Rod!

  1. Mark Barry

    I hope I am leaving this comment in the right space…

    Tom..thanks to both you and Orvis for continuing to support the crucially important educational piece of fly fishing. I continually learn from your array of topics and expertise. The future of our sport depends on education and you have created quite the primer for an inexperienced angler here.

    I always enjoy hearing from and about people from the field as well. Because my own traveling for fishing is limited, I find myself living vicariously through the pages of great books on fishing, Like McGuane, Gierach, etc…(come to think of it THAT would be a cool podcast topic too…great fly fishing authors besides yourself(love your small stream book). I would love to know more about destinations, perhaps more spotlights on Orvis endorsed operations or guides throughout North and South America and the tropics. I am particularly interested on how to plan a family friendly vacation which allows for some great fishing too. I would love to know of great destinations where I can fish early and late and spend the day with the family at the beach, hiking, etc..

    One other question for Tom in particular…what are YOUR go to small stream rods(specific models you have used over the years of fly fishing??…I assume you are on the Superfine touch models now, but am interested to know more detail if you are willing to share your favorites.

    Thanks again for your efforts on our behalf.

    Mark Barry

  2. Dan Gillies

    My vote is for Jawdoc’s post. I also wanted to thank Tom and the Orvis team for all of the instruction. My wife and I started fly fishing in January of this year. Most of what we have learned has come from Orvis books, podcasts, the Orvis learning center, The Orvis Guide to Fly Fishing TV show, and of course trial and error on the water. I have a question that perhaps someone can help me with… My wife and I just got back from a trip to Lees Ferry in northern Arizona. We were fishing wolly buggers with a dropper underneath an indicator on 5 and 6 X tippets. The fish seemed to shy away from a heavier tippet. I broke off a number of bigger fish on my hook set. I set the hook, felt the fish for a moment, then nothing but a big flash from the rolling fish. The breaks came at the tippet knot and the knot to the fly with equal regularity. I was using the triple surgeons and blood knot for my leader to tippet connection and the triliene knot for my tippet to fly. Any suggestions?


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