WEEKEND FLASH SALE: Helios Switch Rods Half Price!

Written by: Kathleen Moore

It’s that time again! This is a “Weekend Flash Sale” – that we’re only offering until Monday morning at 11:59 a.m. For a limited time, all Helios Switch Rods are 50% off.

Diversify your arsenal with Helios Switch rods and experience the amazing flexibility that these unique fly rods can offer. Whether overhead casting or spey casting or a combination of the two, Helios Switch rods offer phenomenal mending and casting in a super lightweight package. Fish all day without fatigue with some of the lightest weight fly rods available.

Click here to check out the Helios Switch Rods.

2 thoughts on “WEEKEND FLASH SALE: Helios Switch Rods Half Price!

  1. Dean Fields

    Hi how do I get signed up to get these flash sale alergs alerts? I would have bought the switch rod.


    Dean Fields

    1. Phil Monahan

      Hi Dean, You just have to keep tabs on the blog and the Facebook page. That’s the only way to find out about these sales.


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