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Dove Season is Almost Here at Greystone Castle

Written by: Jennifer Miller, Greystone Castle

Doves are starting to gather over the fields around Greystone Castle.
All photos courtesy Greystone Castle

Dove season at Greystone Castle is just a little over a month away! Our sunflowers are flourishing, and the birds are gathering in and around the fields. We are looking forward to dove season, which. . .


Learning to Love a Flushing Dog

Written by: Reid Bryant

JB is such a good flushing dog that he caused the author to rethink his Brittanys-Only policy.
All photos by Scott McEnaney

Now let me start by saying that I’m a dedicated pointing-dog man. All of the hunters I have ever hoped to emulate were pointing dog men, too, and I blame them with for teaching me, in a grandfatherly way, that flushers were for. . .


A Wingshooting School Within Sight of Chicago

Written by: Reid Bryant

Shooters work on field-style presentations at the McGraw Wildlife Shooting Center.
Photo via

One of the common hurdles facing the urban wingshooter is finding a suitable place to shoot. A clays course, preserve, or suitable piece of public land to facilitate shooting often lies hours and miles away from a metro center, making access and opportunity a. . .


Turkey Pool Update #5: The Vice Chairman’s on the Board!

Written by: Phil Monahan

Dave Perkins shot a nice bird, but he’ll have to do better to climb the leader board.
Photo by Dave Perkins

We’ve got two more birds to add to the 2014 Orvis Turkey Pool leader board. Vice Chairman Dave Perkins bagged an 18-pounder that sported a heck of a beard, at 9-3/4 inches. That facial hair landed Dave in. . .