Not Enough October

Written by: Brett Ference

There was a serious oversight when only 31 days were put on the calendar in October! I am not sure where or with whom I need to lobby to have this month extended by another 30 or 40 days (preferably all Saturdays and Sundays) so I will throw this out to cyberspace and see if others will join my cause.

Every year I look forward to October more than any other month; and every year I test the boundaries of my marriage and job trying to fit in as much time in the woods and on the water I can. Being in New England during October marks the the greatest time of the year; brook trout dress up in their vibrant spawning colors, the coastline is littered with schools of false albacore, gator blues, and lunker bass; timber doodles fly in from the north with the moon; the elusive grouse has fewer leaves to fly behind when they flush; the resident ducks learn that their hiding places are not so safe. I am thankful for every minute this glorious month has to offer, but 31 days is too short to fit it all in, and having to choose between trying for a the grand slam in Rhode Island or going to Maine with my setter Wyatt for Timber doodles and Grouse is simply not fair.

October Days

October Days
Brett Ference

Now, if we were to extend October, we would not be faced with conundrums like this. We could do it all. So, I suggest we eliminate March and add its days to our beloved October. As near as I can tell there is not a lot happening in the woods or on the water i March. Sure, the steelhead fishermen may take issue, but they’ll still have April and extra time for the fall run.

I look forward to a great new future where there are many more days in October, and we will not have to make choices between flooded timber duck hunting and fishing the October caddis hatch. Already, October of 2010 has come to a close. So I’ll use the next twelve months to lobby for my calendar change. And if it never happens, next year I’ll do what I always do. Put my marriage and job to the test and take all the time I can to get into the woods and on the water and savor every minute of the mere 31 days we have.

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