Enter the 2nd #OrvisHunting Instagram Contest!

Written by: Kathleen Moore

Background Photo by Simon Perkins. Click here for the full story.

We had so much fun with our Instagram contest last week, we’ve decided to do it again! This time the prize is a Max-4 Camo Thermos.

Post your best hunting photo with the hashtag “OrvisHunting” in the description. Submit as many photos as you want, just make sure they have to do with hunting. We’re not looking for Orvis “product placement” – we’re just looking for you and your friends having fun out there. If you don’t win this one, don’t sweat it – there will be more contests and more prizes in the weeks to come.

Your entries will populate right here, and we’ll feature the winner on the Orvis Hunting Facebook Page, so be sure to “Like” us.

Don’t have Instagram? It’s free to join, you just have to download the app. Not your thing? Feel free to submit by email, and we’ll post it on your behalf. Note, if the photo is not cropped to square dimensions, we will do so for you (but can’t guarantee results). Need more details? Read the full rules.

Check out these entries!

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