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Orvis Trout Bum of the Week XXV: Kip Vieth

Written by: Phil Monahan

Kip Vieth is passionate about the smallmouth-bass fishing in his home state of Minnesota.
All photos courtesy Kip Vieth

Kip Vieth operatesWildwood Float Trips, based in Montecello, Minnesota. He floats the Upper Mississippi, St.Croix, Rum, Kettle, and St. Louis Rivers, chasing everything that swims. One. . .


Photo of the Day: Another Kid Gets Hooked

Written by: Kip Veith, Wildwood Float Trips

Ryan is all smiles, as he shows off his first smallie on a popper..
Photo by Kip Veith

Last summer, I had the pleasure of guiding Blake Lacher and his nephew Ryan Moran. These are the trips that I have come to appreciate as a guide. I talk constantly about leaving a legacy to the sport, and Blake is the. . .


Photo of the Day: Donna Does It Again, Another Big Musky

Written by: Kip Veith, Wildwood Float Trips

Donna Smith with a 40-incher, a great musky her second year in a row.
Photo by Kip Veith

You may remember that Donna Smith—a sales associate at Orvis Yorktown in Illinois—caught a gorgeous musky last year. (See “Donna’s Monster Minnesota Musky.”) This year she got. . .


Photos of the Day: Into the North Country

Written by: John Hill

The author with his first-ever pike on a fly.
All photos by RH Wilson

[Editor's note: Colorado angler and blogger Jon Hill has become a somewhat regular contributor here, and his latest dispatch features some photos by his friend, Randy, a professional photographer.]

I had a great year chasing cutthroats in the high-country, so I thought I would head up to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness of Minnesota and try my hand at some smallmouth and northern pike fishing. This would be my fifth trip to. . .


The Quest for a Monster Carp Comes True

Written by Joey Paxman

Joey Paxman’s quest for a 20-pound carp in downtown Minneapolis finally came to an end last week.
Photo courtesy Joey Paxman

[Editor's Note: Blog reader Joey Paxman sent in this killer photo and the story behind it this weekend. I love how all the elements come together to complete the saga and result in a great image that any angler would cherish.]

The first carp that I ever witnessed being caught with hook and a line was on a small bass pond near my mother’s house in Redding, California. I was spending the last hour of light throwing poppers to eager 12- to-15 inch largemouths, when a young boy showed up on. . .