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The Sun River: Flows Restored and Friendships Forged

Typical low summer flows on the Sun River near Augusta, MT
Photo by Laura Ziemer, Trout Unlimited

On the arid Rocky Mountain Front, water scarcity is a constant. The Sun River flows 70 miles from its headwaters in the Bob Marshall Wilderness out of the Rocky Mountain Front to join the Missouri River outside the town of Great Falls, Montana. Although rugged in its mountain beauty, it is often called “next-year country,”…


Photos of the Day: Pre-Season Guide’s Day Out

Written by: Alicia White, Firehole Ranch

Guides like to do some fishing of their own before the real season starts and they just get to watch.
Photo courtesy Ryan Tomczyk

This is the time of year when guides have more time to fish before they are consumed with guiding, and the guys from Firehole Ranch are making the most of it! They are also loving. . .


Photos of the Day: Snow and Rainbows on the Missouri

Written by: Wade Fellin,  Big Hole Lodge

Sleep in or get on the water/ Snow be damned. The boat was already hooked up and ready to go.
All photos by Wade fellin

Tom Murphy and I picked the boat up at Big Hole Lodge and hopped over to his parents house in Great Falls. We woke up to two inches of snow on the boat and a. . .


Photos: OGR14 Adventure Final Day, The End of the Missouri Jinx

Written by: Phil Monahan

This is the best way to make up for a skunking: catching one of my biggest browns ever.
Photo by Todd Everts

For the past couple years, Orvis has hosted a guide’s barbeque on the Missouri River in Craig, Montana, on the day after the Orvis Guide Rendezvous. Everyone hits the river first and then comes back to compare notes, tell fish stories, drink a couple beers, and eat some good grub. Last year, . . .


2014 Montana Fishing Season Forecast

Compiled and Written by: Montana Angler Fly Fishing

The Madison River near Palisades is a great summer stretch for brown trout.
Photo by Phil Monahan

We are now into April, and our snowpack across Montana is healthy and above average. For those of you who were out here three seasons ago when we had the record-breaking high water year, we aren’t expecting anything like. . .


Photos: OGR14 Adventure Day Two, Broken on the Bitterroot

Written by: Phil Monahan

The armory was well stocked for a float trip.
All photos by Phil Monahan

Day Two in Montana for the 2014 Orvis Guide Rendezvous dawned bright and cold on Rock Creek, where I was staying with my friends Tim and Lisa Savard. Although he had missed out on. . .


Photos: OGR14 Adventure Day One on Upper Rock Creek

Written by: Phil Monahan

The wild brown trout on Rock Creek often feature gorgeous spots.
Photo by Lisa Savard

I flew into Missoula, Montana on Monday night for the 2014 Orvis Guide Rendezvous, which officially kicks off tomorrow. My friends Tim and Lisa Savard live on Rock Creek, so I planned to spend a couple days with. . .


Pro Tip: How to Fish High, Off-Color Water

Written by: Tim Linehan

Gerry shows off one of many trout that fell for a jigged nymph during high water.
Photo by by Tim Linehan

In the spring, daily conditions can change dramatically. Wednesday it’s cool, overcast, and the river is in great shape. Thursday you show up at the boat ramp to find that thunder storms in. . .