Orvis Foundry Cloth Pants: “To me, they’re the perfect pants.”

Written by: Orvis Associate, John Van Vleet

These men’s vintage work pants are made from the same rugged fabric that has protected the American worker for decades. This high-grade cotton canvas is broken in with a vintage wash for instant comfort.

I’m not going to lie; I’ve been known to abuse my pants. I’ll hang on to them for years, wear them until they’re threadbare, and then they’ll bust a seam at an inopportune time—such as when I’m wearing them. It’s happened, and it’s embarrassing. But the past few years have been different, thanks to the Orvis Foundry Cloth Pants.

It started with just one pair, but my fondness for them grew as quickly as my collection of them did. I wear them so often that one of my co-workers recently joked that she thought I only had one pair of pants to my name. The next morning, I brought in every single pair I own and placed them on her desk, just to prove that I actually don’t wear the same exact pair every day. She retracted her comment, I felt vindicated, and continue to wear them every day. Thank goodness they come in three colors. To me, they’re the perfect pants. They’re rugged enough to wear fishing, comfortable enough to wear to a cookout, and look good enough to pass for business casual. The best parts are the gusseted crotch and the double fabric heel plates. These are the exact locations all my other pants would fail, and these features make the Foundry Cloth Pants virtually John-proof, which is impressive in and of itself.

Let’s put it this way: I’ll never purchase another pair of jeans.

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