Orvis Wrinkle Free Shirts: “Yank it out of the dryer and throw it on!”

Written by: Phil Monahan

I was a bachelor until well into my 30s, and I developed a whole bunch of rules about the the kinds of clothes I would purchase, based almost solely on convenience. Some of these rules were even accompanied by witty sayings, such as, “If you can’t dry, don’t buy.” Although I’m now much more fashion-conscious–and I have a wife who ensures I go out of the house looking my best–I still love the Orvis Wrinkle Free shirt. I just love the fact that you can yank it out of the dryer, throw it on, and it looks like it just came from the cleaners. It’s also very comfortable and comes in many different colors and patterns. I don’t see any need to look elsewhere for dress shirts.

Read more and purchase Phil’s favorite, the Orvis Wrinkle free shirt, here.

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