Access Mid-Arbor: “I love this reel and certainly would recommend it to anyone.”

Written by: HB Smith, Richmond, VA


Access Mid-Arbor Reels are available in sizes I-V, for line weights 1-11..
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I was on the James River in Richmond, Virginia, last fall fishing for smallmouth and was having a very slow day. I went around an island into a shallow cove with a very weedy bottom that I had fished many times before with no luck. I was using a 3-weight that day, thinking I wouldn’t have much luck with anything besides the bream.

I cast my line, preparing for it to my last cast of the day, and turned around to see how far away I was from the boat so I could start the walk back after this cast. While I was turned around, I heard a slap on the water and looked back to see that my olive popper had disappeared. But I couldn’t feel anything on the end of my line. All of a sudden, my line started screaming off my Access reel toward the exit of the cove. It ended up being about a 4- to 5-pound smallie that took over 15 minutes to land. It was by far the best fish of the summer or fall and definitely the most memorable. My Access reel, loaded with 3-weight line, handled this fish like a pro, and I was never in any worry that it wouldn’t. I love this reel and certainly would recommend it to anyone looking to buy one.

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