Backseat Protector: “It works like a charm!”

Written by: Orvis customer Maggas2, Toronto, Canada

Keep your backseat looking like new.
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I ordered the Backseat Protector about two months ago and have used it sparingly since. However, that all changed recently, when we rented a pet-friendly cottage in the Kawartha Lakes for 10 days and the protector was put through its paces. It was amazing how easy it cleaned up after both dogs had done their best to it—dirt, water, and, oh yeah,hair! (I have two Labs, black and yellow.)

After the first hike, we got back to the cottage, and I thought, “Oh boy,this will never be the same.” I removed the protector, gave it a couple of really good shakes, and voila!—I couldn’t believe it, nor could my wife. It was ready for use again! It works like a charm, money well spent. No more blankets to wash after every trip up north, and it seems to keep the dog hair from blowing around the interior of my vehicle. What more can i say? Beautiful.

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2 thoughts on “Backseat Protector: “It works like a charm!”

    1. Phil Monahan

      Hi Donny,

      That is a real dog in the vehicle. The reason it looks PhotoShopped is that they want to show all the colors available, and it is easier to do that in post-production, rather than to shoot a different photo of every color. If you click through the color options on, you willl find the original image.




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