Orvis Fatwood: “Efficient, effective and economical”

Written by: Orvis Associate, James Doyle

Fatwood fire starter burns with a hot, aromatic pine flame that makes it perfect kindling for wood fires, whether in the woodstove, hearth, or campsite.
Photo by orvis.com

Just been looking through the Products We Love posts with my colleagues today. Great stories and pictures, really brings things to life. Only today I was telling a customer how much I like Orvis Fatwood. For us here in the uplands of Northern Britain we sit by real fires most of the year round, either at home in the evening or maybe camping in the hills and Orvis Fatwood is a reliable firelighter that serves like no other. The sticks are clean, easy to store and handle leaving no paraffin odour due to the high level of natural pine resin. They’re efficient, effective and economical. There are also a great gift and thing of interest to friends and neighbours – I’ll never want to run out!

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