“We have three!” – Orvis Customer, Kimberly on the Orvis Deep Dish Dog Bed with Memory Foam

Written by: Phil Monahan

Theo the service dog loves his THREE Orvis Deep Dish Dog Beds with Memory Foam.

Theodore the Service Dog has what we like to call the ‘Princely Bed’. It’s an old, huge, feather bed, upon which the Luxury Topper (aka the Orvis Deep Dish Dog Bed with Memory Foam) sits. It truly is a bed fit for a Prince!

What I love about his Orvis Bed is that it never goes flat, and the cover has an appealingly thick, quilted top. We’ve had ours for over four years, and yet, it remains springy and cushiony and still looks like new. Which is why we own three! One for the car, one for the house and one for his nook in the country.

I can easily plop his Orvis bed anywhere in the house, and Theo snuggles up, cozy as a pup with his littermates. Over the years, we’ve spent a fortune on dog beds, and my chief frustration is that with other brands, the cost does not match the quality. But with the Orvis Deep Dish Dog Bed with Memory Foam, I know that, in exchange for my hard earned dollars, I’ll get a bed that will last indefinitely. No pancake syndrome here!

When I think about how much time Theodore spends snoozing, napping and lolling about on his Princely Bed, it makes me happy to know that he can do it all in comfort!

Thanks Orvis!

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